budget-friendly bakery of commuters

Hello!: the fresh bakery that will cheer you up on your daily commute! What we believe in: good products at good prices, efficiency, proximity and easiness.

The budget-friendly bakery of commuters

Hello! is an international bakery chain designed especially for daily travelers with a clear commitment: a focus on service speed and convenience, and the best value for money.

Approaching a Hello! bakery, you won’t resist the appetizing smell of fresh pastries baking in the oven, nor the cheerful and friendly, easy-going atmosphere… A bubble of freshness and conviviality on your daily commute, at any time of the day !

Looking for a tasty breakfast or just a little treat on your journey? Our croissants and pastries just out of the oven will make your day! Need a quick and easy meal? Try our freshly prepared sandwiches and salads. Something to take back home? Go for our fresh bread and cakes !

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Your daily bakery in the metro and train stations

Hello! has been especially designed for the metro and for train stations, to answer the specific needs of daily travelers. Our mission: ease you commute and cheer you up every day!

We know that daily travelers do not have a minute to loose on their journey and expect travel facilitation: at Hello!, we guarantee quickness and efficiency with a touch of friendliness. Hello! will bring a human touch on your daily commute, and our staff is committed to pamper our loyal customers and brighten their journey with nice little attentions!

We also know that budget matters for your daily meals, this is why our prices are attractive and promotions are frequent. And of course, all our products are thought to be easy to consume on the move!

Hello! is present in 6 countries with more than 20 outlets in the metro and in train stations.

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Our bakery products

At Hello!, you will find all your favourite bakery products from bread to croissants, cakes and sandwiches, at any time of the day. Taste, freshness and variety are our key words to highlight your daily commutes!

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  • Our traditional bakery products

    All your favourite bakery products are there at Hello!: from breads to cakes, and of course Viennese pastries and treats. Our fresh croissants and pains au chocolat just out of the oven will kick off your day in the nicest way… While our large choice of cakes and pastries from the season fruit pies to the classic cookies will treat you at any time. We also have the perfect take-back home products: breads in various types and sizes, big cakes and pastries to share or to offer.

    Our breads and pastries are baked on site in front of you every day, spreading an irresistible, great fresh pastry smell around, and guaranteeing the taste and crispiness of our products!

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  • Our freshly prepared sandwiches and salads

    Of course you can find a large choice of sandwiches of all kinds at Hello!, be it for your breakfast or your meals: large and small sizes, with different breads and varied fillings… And if you are looking for a light meal, our season salads will be perfect for you.

    Our mantra: offer you fresh and tasty products every day, at good prices. This is why our sandwiches and salads are never industrial but always fresh and prepared in our kitchens !

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  • Our hot snacks

    What better than a tasty hot snack to warm you up and treat you on your journey? At Hello!, you will find gourmet hot snacking thought to be easily consumed on-the-go: savoury tarts and quiches, paninis and toasties… Our recommendation: our fresh hot dogs prepared upon order and customized just for you with a choice of sauces and fillings !

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  • Our drinks and beverages

    Our mission at Hello!: kick off your day in the best way… So of course coffees and hot drinks are key products! Would you be looking for an espresso or a tea to boost you in the morning, or for a hot chocolate or cappuccino to comfort you at any moment, Hello! is there for you! You will also find classic cold drinks, sodas and juices to accompany you on the move.

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is present in 6 countries with more than 20 outlets in the metro and in train stations. Looking for a fresh and affordable bakery on your commute? Check out for Hello! locations near you!

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